Your event App

Xeven® will automatically generate an app which could be downloaded effortlessly by your delegates, enhancing their event experience.


Your event App

Below you can see just some of the functionalities you can upload to promote your event

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Your app’s home page will allow you to highlight through a carrousel those features you consider most interesting for your attendees (speakers, sponsors, maps…).

Different sections

Your app will have a public section to promote your event (agenda, speakers, sponsors) and a private area, just for your registered attendees (private agenda, attendee’s list, documentation…).

My Agenda

Attendees will be able to bookmark the sessions they are interested in, to build their own agenda.

More info

Through the platform you will be able to add useful information for your attendees to be informed of all relevant aspects surrounding your event.


Your registered attendees will be able to modify their profile with their personal information.


Your app will have a speakers list, with all the information you want to include about them.


Registered attendees will be able to download all the documentation of the event through this section.

Floor plans

You will be able to include floor plans of the event venue to make life easier to your attendees.


Each session will have its own section, with all the information and the option to bookmark it.