Frequently asked questions

Providing access to an app for event delegates is no longer a nice-to-have. However, event organisers are faced with either incurring high costs for customised development or generic app builders. We have built a product that helps you manage your event and create your website at a fraction of those costs without losing your own corporate identity.

Our business model is not only based on making your life easier at an affordable price. We recognise that when you are offering free events, there is an innate need to keep your costs as low as possible. We therefore do not charge for the use of Xeven® when you use it for an event you do not charge for. This free version is financed by non-intrusive advertising governed by our company’s ethical standards.

The native app is available at the "master level" subscription. In the rest (Free and advance), your app will be included in the Xeven® generic app. Your attendees will not notice any difference once they access the app. The user experience is exactly the same.

We know how tough it is to put an event together and have created a product that will make your life easier and avoid duplication of effort. Xeven® gives you the same functionality as an event management system. It literally only takes you a few minutes from setting up your app and website to publishing them. All you need to do is load the event information.

Yes, Xeven® comes with a payment facility. Your delegates will be able to register and pay by credit card or through Paypal, should you opt to use that facility. The only cost that you will incur in the process is the credit card and/or Paypal fees.

Xeven® was created to manage the event from cradle to grave with its event management system, website and app. You are however not obliged to use all components to benefit from the use of our product. Should you already have an event management system, you could quite easily use Xeven® to create your event website and app to supplement your system.

Yes. Although Xeven® was primarily created with the event host in mind, it can be used by Professional Conference Organisers too. There is however a different pricing structure for PCOs.

Xeven® has been designed to cater for any type of event. Its built-in capability includes all elements you need to manage a successful event including registration, delegates, speakers, the event program etc. Xeven®’s primary focus is on making your life easier.

We are unfortunately bound by Apple and Google policies and therefore have to include some restrictions. You will be able to upload a maximum of 2 apps per month and 4 every six months. This applies to both advanced and master plans. Professional event organisers who have other specific needs may contact us at

Once published, your event can be accessed on the Xeven® browser. You will also be able to access it directly through the URL:

Xeven® App: Your event will be hosted within the official App Xeven®. This App, called Xeven® Xeven App Icon is always available on IOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play) markets, and you can see in it all events published by free and advanced users. Once users have downloaded and installed it, they will be able to access your events through a search engine by simply typing the name or the most significant data of your events.
Native App: Only available to master users. You will have your own event app directly available at the market places (IOS and Android), with your icon, image, data of your event and named as you decide. Your attendees will be able to download your app directly from IOS and Android markets, and once the app has been installed on mobile devices, your attendees will be able to access all the data and functionality of your event.